It seems that nearly everything can be customized today. When we choose a product, we can order just the right size or color or set of options.  Medicine should be this way, too. With the first tests offered by Certainty Health, prescription medications can be selected intelligently rather than the old "one-size-fits-all" approach.

Have you ever wondered

  • Why do I get side effects from the same medicine that my friend has no side effects with?
  • Why doesn’t my medication work as well as expected?
  • Can I take less of my medicine and still get the same effects?





Right now, one out of every two people is taking the wrong amount of a prescription medication. About 25 percent of us metabolize drugs more slowly and we may face risks when a drug builds up.  These can sometimes even cause potentially serious or even life threatening complications.

Another 25 percent of people have an above-average ability to metabolize drugs. This means that the drug isn't as effective for them because the medication is broken down before it has a chance to do its job.

You may have tried different dosages of medications or some of your prescriptions may have been switched in an effort to find the best result.

Our tests identify whether you are a high, average, or low metabolizer individual for key prescription medicines. 

When you're informed with this information from our tests, you and your clinician can personalize your medications - giving you certainty of care.





We believe in individualized treatments - treatments that are focused on each unique individual's needs. 

Treatments that are based on knowing the key pieces of information about each individual patient - not a one-size fits all philosophy. 

The right treatment and the right care for every individual.